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Anatomy of Power Automate Flow Run Url

Understanding the anatomy of a Power Automate Flow run Url allows you to be able to programmatically build the Url within your Flows. This is beneficial because it allows logic within your Flow to handle when the Flow fails to be able to send the…

Dynamically Modify Properties on Objects in Power Automate

It is pretty easy to modify an objects properties in Power Automate; you could simply use a Select action and configure the mapping manually by hand. This would be a good approach if you wanted to update a collection of SharePoint items properties…

Update a SharePoint List from a CSV using Power Automate

Recently I was talking to a colleague, Devin Prevost, about a project where he is developing a solution for a client on the Power Platform. One of the challenges he was trying to solve was how he could ingest data from the client’s data warehouse…

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Hi all - my name is Anthony Poulin and I am a front-end developer and overall technologist who has spent the past 7+ years working within the Microsoft stack. I have worked across a multitude of industries building and delivering solutions for my customers as a consultant. This site serves as a way for me to share my knowledge and experience with everyone. I hope you find the content helpful and just maybe it saves you some time and a headache. Either way you can connect with me on LinkedIn, Twitter or Github.

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